The Zhang Group 欢迎来到厦门大学张延东实验室!
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Group News

Congrats Minggui Lin, Zhixiong Zeng, Na Lin, Yang Shen, Bin Tang, Fan Li, Chen Chen! Their work "Conformational Bias by a Removable Silyl Group: Construction of Bicyclo[n.3.1]alkenes via Ring Closing Metathesis" was accepted by [Chem. Eur. J.]. (Nov.9,2017)

Congrats Chenguang Liu, Renzhi Chen, Yang Shen, Zhanhao Liang! Their Communication "Total Synthesis of Aplydactone by a Conformationally Controlled C−H Functionalization" was selected as the cover paper of [Angew. Chem.]. (Jun.1,2017)

Congrats Chenguang Liu, Renzhi Chen, Yang Shen, Zhanhao Liang! Their work "Total Synthesis of Aplydactone via a Conformationally Controlled C-H Functionalization" was accepted by [Angew. Chem.]. (May.3,2017)

Congrats Jundong Li, Na Lin, Lei Yu! Their work "Synthesis of β-Prolinols via [3+2] Cycloaddition and One-Pot Programmed Reduction: Valuable Building Blocks for Polyheterocycles" was accepted by [Tetrahedron Lett.]. (Nov.7,2016)

Congrats Chenguang Liu, Zhixiong Zeng, Renzhi Chen, Xunjin Jiang, Yinglu Wang! Their work "Total Synthesis of (+)-Fusarisetin A Driven by a One-Pot Four-Reaction Process" was accepted by [Org. Lett.]. (Jan.27,2016)

Congrats Linbin Li, Yang Shen! Their review "Synthetic Progress of Jiadifenolide" was selected as the cover paper of [Chin. J. Org. Chem.]. (Jan.27,2016)

Congrats Yang Shen, Linbin Li! They won the Elsevier Best Poster Prize in the 16th Tetrahedron Symposium, Asian Edition in Shanghai.(Nov.13,2015)

Congrats Yang Shen, Linbin Li, Zhisheng Pan, Yinglu Wang, Jundong Li, Kuangyu Wang, Xiance Wang! Their work "Protecting-Group-Free Total Synthesis of (−)-Jiadifenolide: Development of a [4 + 1] Annulation toward Multisubstituted Tetrahydrofurans" was accepted by [Org. Lett.]. (Oct.29,2015)

Congrats Jundong Li, Huaibo Zhao! Their work "Recent Progress in the Synthesis of 5-Unsubstituted Pyrrolidines via [3+2] Cycloadditions" was accepted by [Synlett]. (Sep.2,2015)

Xiamen Kingdomway Group Company has honored Zhang Yandong with the Distinguished Professor. Congrats Zhang! [Announcement]. (Apr.6,2015)

Congrats Jundong Li, Huaibo Zhao, Xunjin Jiang, Xiance Wang, Haiming Hu, Lei Yu! Their work "[3+2] Cycloaddition of Azomethine Ylides:A Five-Step Synthesis of (±)-Isoretronecanol" was accepted by [Angew. Chem.]. (Mar.28,2015)

Spring is coming. To relax, The group went an excursion to Wuyuan Bay Wetland Park (Mar.24,2013).

The group were enjoying karaoke. We are more than chemists! (Jan. 7, 2013).

Dr.Yandong Zhang (张延东)

Xiamen University

Chemistry Department

R. 842 Lu Jiaxi Hall
Xiamen, Fujian 361005
Tel: +86-592-2181902
Fax: +86-592-2181902

Education Background:
Postdoc, Columbia University, 2008-2010
(With Prof. Samuel J. Danishefsky)
Ph.D. Peking University, 2004-2008
(With Prof. Zhen Yang)
B. E. Beijing Institute of Technology, 1994-1998
(With Prof. Yingyan Jiang)
Research Interestes:
Total Synthesis of natural products of significant biological activities; chemical biology based on small molecule-protein interaction.
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